Faking it: season one First and Last Appearances


Started taking a picture of this lamb then they all wanted to be in the shot


love is an open door


I think some company is overdue!

r9kElsa Is Suffering Chapter 42: BBBQ, a general fiction | FictionPress


originally i was going to write a whole essay about how sorry i was that it took me this long to write a satisfying ending.  how bad i felt for making you all wait almost five months for an update and all the reasons why i needed to step away from the story for a bit.

but it all just sounded like a bunch of lame excuses.  so i deleted it and then tried to write something intelligent, describing my thought process around the last few chapters, why i ended it where i did, and the message i wanted you to take away from the final lines.

then i deleted that too, because i realised that this story is no longer just mine.  it belongs to all of you as much as it does to me, and i don’t want to dictate how you should feel after reading it or how you should interpret the ending.  

all i really want is for you to read it, (hopefully) enjoy it, and know that you have my eternal thanks for being such patient, supportive and generally awesome readers.  this story wouldn’t be what it is without you.


wait wait hold on

was this the last r9k update

like, was this the last chapter ever?

im not ready for it to end 


The Neon Lights Tour set-list. {insp.}

Nick and Demi + Live Performances


everyone has said and done problematic things in their lifetime. that’s a result of the society we live in, not necessarily a reflection of their character.

what is a reflection of their character is how they react to being informed of the negativity within their behavior and statements, and whether or not they choose to change their behavior.